To the Farmhouse is a reclamation story that navigates the hostile relationship between my ordained mother portrayed as an owl and my transness. I am represented as an octopus. To the Farmhouse is an eleven minute stop-motion animation that is accompanied by a series of large scale sculptures and objects constructed for animation at the CAC. The 8ft by 3ft church becomes the backdrop for the animation which is projected onto the floor of the sculpture. The narrative-based audio focuses on internal introspection through short autobiographical vignettes. In To the Farmhouse, time is suspended, sped up, reversed and slowed down through stop motion techniques. Objects, like the church and owl, decay and reappear. Similar to the way Virginia Woolf’s, To the Lighthouse, and K-Ming Chang's Bestiary, portray time in a queer way. Time claws and scratches, floats in and out of reality and ultimately builds a new foundation to call my own. To the Farmhouse seeks to disrupt heteronormative timelines of familial patterns by placing the emphasis on my thoughts and feelings instead of my mothers. ​​​​​​​
"Solos" Artist-in-Residence, January 9th 2021 - April 25th 2021, Video Installation view,  Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA. 
Video Stills
"This stop-motion animation depicts a personal journey through loss, rejection, abuse, and religious dogma that ultimately leads to reclamation and healing." Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival
Premier Status: To the Farmhouse exhibited in a solo exhibition at Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, January 9, 2021 through February 7, 2021 and in a group exhibition at the Contemporary Austin in Tx. This film has screened at Petit Plan: Americana Film Festival, Greece, Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival, ART200 in Bucharest, Fringe! In London, SFTFF in San Francisco, Queer City Cinema in Canada and Croatia. 

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