Frank Davis
Sarah Hill
The rules of the game are:
1. Two people must play
2. All players must be trans
3. The game must take place in a public bathroom with sign posted on door
4. Stalls must be locked
5. Players must pass the ball back and forth
6. Players must keep the ball in the air as long as possible
7. The ball must be red
8. Players must wear red shorts
9. An audience is optional
10. Players must continue until a player has to use the bathroom
Ball in stall is a durational performance that can take place in any local bathroom where establishment allows. We are two trans individuals seeking to take back the public bathroom as a site of joy. As trans people who have experienced harassment in bathrooms this action of taking up space in a public bathroom via the format of a game with rules creates safety and agency in an otherwise hostile environment. We chose to play Ball in Stall with a dodgeball because entering a bathroom as a trans person feels a lot like playing dodgeball. Don’t forget to flush!
 Performed at The Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans LA
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