Back to School is a thirty-minute video based on autobiographical experiences teaching students from Pre-k to 12th grade. A whirlwind educational short film comprised of five anecdotes focusing on twenty-two students in four different schools, thirteen staff and faculty members and merging nineteen different sets, five locations and four hand-drawn animations. Back to School is an educational short film that addresses the gamut of bullying that regularly occurs within a multitude of school settings.

The act of retelling these stories creates space for new stories to be told and heard. Back to School is a compelling narrative of a substitute teacher's experience within the public school system. Back to School uses puppetry and humor in order to create a space in which trans and queer teachers and students are not only seen but also heard. The power of knowing who is telling or retelling the story is essential to understanding whom and what gets to exist within the narrative. Your storyteller is transgender queer, an artist and a substitute teacher.
I pledge allegiance to you.
And for your right to exist.
One queer. Indestructible.
In Solidarity and Justice for all.
"Queer Territories" (group exhibition, installation view ), 2016, Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas at Austin, TX. Photos Sarah Hill.
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