The performance I’m Fine is deeply concerned with moving the audience into a state of feeling, through anger on the part of the performer. In this way I view my practice as cathartically dialogical. When I say catharsis I mean: To purge. An emotional cleansing that can be experienced as therapeutic but never therapy. In other words, a strong laxative, that allows one to shit out what is no longer necessary. This extreme change in emotion (on the part of the performer) is where the audience could potentially become activated by his or her own catharsis. I’m Fine has been performed at the following: International Festival of Live Art in Glasgow, Scotland, Grace Exhibition Space and Lumen Festival in New York, Hillyer Art Space in DC, Le Lieu in Québec, Canada, SUPERNOVA Performance Art Festival in Rosslyn, Virginia, little berlin in Philadelphia, Performance Platform in Lublin, Poland at Labirynt Gallery, Performatorium: Festival of Queer Performance in Regina, Canada at Neutral Ground Gallery, New Genre XXII-B, Living Art Space, Tulsa, OK and, Mostra Performatus 2nd International Performance Festival, SESC Santos, São Paulo-Santos, Brazil. 
This is a line of shoes that were used by artist Sarah Hill to perform I'm Fine. From right to left I will describe the shoes: A blue teal six inch heel that is also a bootie, Next a gold sparkly stiletto, Two yellow suede chunky booties, A red stiletto heel, A pair of yellow stiletto heels with red and pink flowers with green leaf, a pink platform bootie and finally a black platform bootie with crystal jewels encrusted on the heel. 
“Through this grotesque glamour, gender ambiguity prevailed with a mimicry of (and related challenge to) binary codes. This led us to a question: In the ritual of passing, when do the behaviors we are all taught to adopt stop being “fine” Canadian Art
This is an image of a poster advertising the Performance I'm Fine by Sarah Hill for Sesc Santos Mostra Performatus in Brazil. The Performatus logo is in the top left corner in a white square with a capital P and a smaller capital E and a #2 outside of the white square. There is a pink to blue fade with a grid that has been applied as a filter over an image of Sarah Hill Jumping in a wig and dress and yellow stilettos. They are mid air. Information is posted below in spanish. 
The following eight images are documentation from the performance I'm Fine in Brazil. I am performing against a black backdrop. I am wearing a bright red mini skirt, a teal halter top with a sweetheart neckline that has a lace applique over the front. I have on a long pink wig that is curly and fades from light pink to dark pink. I am wearing teal booties that are six inches high. I am mid jump and my entire body is off the ground. My legs are hairy and so are my armpits.
Both my feet are planted firmly on the ground. My right arm is directly above my head as if to catch my balance.  My hips are at an angle and my torso is leaning a bit to the left and my left arm is swinging out to try to catch my balance. My face is covered by my wig.  
I am mid jump and my skirt is flying up and so is my hair, parts of my face are exposed and no longer covered by my hair. Both my knees are bent and only my left shoe is shown. Both my hands are in the air above my head.
This image and the next four images are from a performance in Canada at LeLu Center for the arts. I am performing I'm Fine. I am wearing a black lace dress and a long yellow wig with yellow stilettos that have red and pink flowers with green leafs. Each photo is a moment from the live performance. I am performing in the gallery space where my solo show was installed unspeakable truths. Behind me are shadow box frames that are filled with the objects from my short film the yellow wallpaper. 
This is a photograph of the performance I'm Fine in philly. The image is blackand white and is extremely grainy. I am jumping and my head is out of the frame but you see my head in the shadow on the wall. I am not wearing a wig and from what I can tell I am wearing my gold stilettos. 
This is from a performance in Boston. It is also a grainy image and was taken with a film camera. I am wearing the same black lace dress except I am wearing a red wig and red tights with red stiletto shoes. The background is white and the floor is a beautiful wood pattern. I am screaming and my hands are bunching my dress in my crotch area. 
This is from a performance in Boston. It is also a grainy image and was taken with a film camera. I am standing in a corner and far away from the camera lens.There is a lot of discoloration due to the fact that the camera has a light leak. There are three small black dots that appear on the right side of the image. I am just starting the performance and to be honest I look nervous. 
The next six images are from a performance I did in Lublin Poland for Performance Platform in 2013. I am wearing a long wig that fades from light pink to purple to blue. I am wearing a black halter top and a crop top jacket that has a subtle pattern of gold glitter flowers. I am wearing a pleated gold extra mini skirt with a pink tutu underneath. My shoes are pink platform booties with a six inch heel. You can see the hair on my legs. The crowd is big and the space is huge. It is a bright space with white walls and a concrete floor. Most of the images are pretty far away from the camera's lens. 
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