Doc in a Box
2015 © (Twelve Minutes) scroll to the right to see trailer and video stills
Doc in a Box is based on a real life experience that I had at a doctor’s office. Doc in a Box seeks to reveal traumatic experiences via the mechanisms of humor and puppets. Everything that is said in the video is a real life account of what happened to me during this visit. Doc in a Box is an attempt to reclaim psychological space as someone whom is trans. In a fit of rage Doc in a Box was created during the month of July 2015.

Our Mission Statement
We are excited to bring the Doc in a Box experience to you. Here at Doc in a Box we pride on treating “everyone” in our community as well as the transgender population. In other words we offer full-spectrum care. We have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of discrimination. ABSOLUTELY! We want to know everything about you! We want to get you hooked up with a therapist so you can continue your journey! We are here for you!
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"Reclaiming psychological space at the doctor's office as someone whom is trans, using puppets to brilliant effect."- Fringe! Queer Film Festival